Shaping the Higher Education of the North

Welcome to CNC:
A Pioneering Northern Institution

CNC, the College of Northern Canada, will be offering a progressive and immersive learning experience to students, focusing on building and enriching the northern cultures of the NWT region, northern Canada, and the rest of Canada. Our goal is to shape professional careers for individuals who wish to contribute to the progress of the North, utilizing the experience gained from our community-oriented modules at CNC.

Message from the President

Welcome to the College of Northern Canada, home to a lively community of transformative learning and teaching and exceptionally talented teams of faculty and staff who are committed to making a difference in our Northern communities and beyond.
We are committed to serving the public good and building a modern, environmentally friendly and sustainable Northern community of confident and compassionate leaders who possess the knowledge, skills, and ethical values needed to navigate complex global issues and to defy convention through creative and innovative thinking.
Underpinning every one of our values are the principles of Reconciliation, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility to which we adhere. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality education using transformative approaches that are inclusive and student-centric which develop graduates that are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills and ethical values needed to navigate complex issues within their future organizations.
On behalf of all our faculty and staff at the College of North Canada, I invite you to be part of our family and embark in your journey toward increasing your potential and fulfilling your career aspirations.
Best Regards,
Dr. Chehrazade Aboukinane

Community Oriented Professional Programs at CNC

All CNC professional courses have been designed to inspire young people who wish to begin their professional careers in a practical and structured way.
The Northwest Territories of Canada has seen a recent boom in industries like tourism, accounting, and resource development – thereby creating exciting new work opportunities in these areas. We at CNC aim to prepare young talent with assistance from industry-leading experts and qualified faculty to help them push their personal boundaries to the limit and to bring a holistic development approach to our community.

What makes
us different in Canada

Inclusive and equitable access

Welcoming students from local indigenous communities, from elsewhere in northern Canada, as well as the rest of the country – with reduced barriers to enrollment based on prior education, degree, or background.

Community-centred education

We understand that leaving one’s community for school can be very challenging, and we have a variety of online learning options for that very reason.

Alternative academic assessment

We don’t believe that exams are the best possible way of measuring a student’s learning. That’s why we have a balance between individual and group assignments, in-class discussions, and applied projects.

Relevant learning

All our course learning outcomes are supported by various practicums and hands-on learning placements for our students.


We strive to create a world where indigenous culture and values are spread across the globe. Through transformative and applied educational approaches, our students will embody the concepts of respect, responsibility, and reciprocity and apply them in all aspects of business, community, and environmental stewardship – from the Northwest Territories to the rest of Canada and other regions around the world.


We deliver high quality post-secondary education and develop confident and compassionate leaders who possess the knowledge, skills, and ethical values needed to navigate complex global issues. Our local and international graduates demonstrate their full potential while integrating indigenous culture and values using holistic, creative, and innovative approaches. By adopting dynamic and applied educational perspectives, our students will incorporate world-class methods to bring economic prosperity to the North while ensuring harmony – not only with the natural environment, but with one another in an inclusive, diverse, and equitable atmosphere throughout their learning journey and beyond.